PS5: Next-Gen feature confirmed by Sony PlayStation's Yasuhiro Osaki

Existing PlayStation users can breathe a sigh of relief

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
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After being starved of information for so long, gamers have been treated to a recent glut of information around next year's PlayStation 5. After a scare around PS4 owners' current catalogue of games being obsolete, we're happy to report that the PS5 will maintain continuity with its predecessors in at least one area.

In an interview with Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu, reported by DualShockers, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Yasuhiro Osaki revealed the streaming service PS Now will also be available on PlayStation 5. With the ability to stream and download titles directly to the PS5, current subscribers will be able to continue playing their existing titles on the brand new console.

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5

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A subscription service that allows subscribers to play over 700 games through both streaming and download, PS Now offers both permanent and time-limited titles. However, if you've been putting off finishing streamed games like God of War, consider this a fair warning: Osaki also told Famitsu more popular games will be added to PS Now every month, but the number of time-limited additions will also increase, encouraging PS5 gamers to get cracking on current-gen titles.

Osaki also confirmed there were no plans to bring PS Now to mobile.  

As rivals like Google Stadia push the games-as-streaming-service concept further, expect PS Now to become an increasingly prominent part of Sony's long-term PlayStation 5 strategy. Who knows – as Sony begins to explore cloud gaming technology further, it might even bypass the console in future and offer an entirely cloud-based gaming alternative to beat Google Stadia at its own game. 

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