PS5: latest leak says PlayStation 5 will out-perform Xbox Series X

A comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X development kits reveals a power difference

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After all the speculation, PS5 looks set to be unveiled in a matter of weeks. The latest rumours claim that February 29 is the due date for its unveiling. But whenever the curtain is pulled back and we finally see the next-generation PlayStation in all its glory, we still won't know exactly how it measures up to its rival, the Xbox Series X

However, a new leak claims to know how the PS5 – or at least, the PS5 dev kit – stacks up against the Xbox Series X, and despite the fact Microsoft's machine outdoes the PS5 in some areas, Sony's console is said to be decidedly more powerful. 

Games industry leaker Tidux took to his Twitter account to reveal he's been gathering some info from anonymous sources in the industry that have seen both the Xbox Series X and PS5 dev kits. He reveals that while the Xbox Series X's GPU (graphics processing unit) out-performs the PlayStation's, the PS5 dev kits are said to outdo the Xbox kits in almost all other areas. Check out the tweet that broke the news below:

PS5's solid-state drive and RAM are said to have more capacity than Xbox Series X, but will that impact performance enough to have it take the crown of "most powerful console" from Microsoft? Let's take a look at the technical specifications of both companies' current-gen consoles for comparison. . 

When it comes to graphics, the Xbox One X already boasts an impressive 6.0 teraflop GPU, much higher than the PS4 Pro's 4.2 teraflops. Together with its 2.3GHz 8-core CPU, just ahead of the PS4 Pro's 2.13GHz, it was enough to take the "most powerful" title away from Sony.

If the Xbox Series X GPU is better than Sony's, but the PS5 is still the more powerful out of the two, the difference between GPU performances would have to be very small for Sony's other specs to give it the edge on its rival. The PS5 might have the potential to allocate more RAM to run its operating system, but this is no guarantee it can place the results onscreen faster than the Series X. 

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The bottom line is that until both consoles are in our hands, we won't know how powerful each one really is. Either way, is a small difference in power enough to sway you one way or the other? For technical gamers, it could be one of the deciding factors when both consoles launch later this year.

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