PS5 news: has Sony just outed the official PlayStation 5 reveal date?

We could be getting our first look at PS5 on February 29

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There's been plenty of rumours around an imminent PS5 reveal in recent weeks. Now that Microsoft has revealed its hand with Xbox Series X, all eyes turn to Sony, which surely must be unveiling its new console soon if it's to maintain its commanding lead in games developer interest.

Some leakers have previously touted February 5 or February 12 as potential PS5 announcement dates. With no details at all and those dates fast approaching, it seems unlikely a PS5 reveal will take place on either date. 

However, some info from Sony has pointed towards a third date at the end of the month, with an unveiling potentially taking place in front of a packed audience of 1500 industry staff and games journalists.

It's long been rumoured Sony will make its PS5 announcement at Sony Hall in NYC. As Sony's flagship store in the city is currently hosting a special event called "PlayStation Experience", it would be a great way to close the month-long  PlayStation celebration. Sony is also skipping E3 this year, so it makes sense for the company to use its own music venue with a capacity of 1500, for a big presentation. 

On February 29, one enterprising user on the PS5 subreddit found the theatre has been booked, and is listed as "closed" for a private event. With rumours of a February reveal persisting, it looks like a good date - and venue - Sony might choose to unveil the PS5.


Sony is skipping E3 this year, preferring to host its own events

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Of course, this is all conjecture and dot-connecting at this point, with no official word from Sony. Although that 4chan leak mentioned February 5, which got some details right such as PlayStation's new slogan, it's looking like we're now too close to that date for any formal reveal to take place. 

Xbox Series X was announced during the Game Awards late last year, so Sony would want to put on a stage show of similar bombast rather than just release a trailer and statement into the aether. 

Xbox has tried to put PS5 on the back foot with an early announcement. However, the news that Microsoft's console won't be packing any exclusives until 2022 has placed the power back in Sony's hands. If Sony can come out of the gate strong, it may be well on its way to winning the first battle of this next-generation console war. 

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