PS4 game discounts: Spider-Man, Skyrim and more up to 60% off in PlayStation Store

Get great deals on PS4 games, PSVR, DualShock 4 controllers and more to see you through lockdown

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Now lots of people are stuck at home, you need something to do. Fortunately, the PlayStation Store is offering huge discounts on tons of great games. Marvel's Spider-Man, for example, the high-octane PS4 single-player experience featuring the well-known webslinger, has been knocked down from £34.99 to just £15.99, a massive 54% saving.

Likewise, the PS4 remaster of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now on sale for the same price, £15.99, down from £40. That's a huge 60% discount, and considering the game can give you hundreds of hours of entertainment, it's an incredible deal alright. 

Whether you want to follow the main story, slaying dragons and confronting the evil at the heart of Skyrim, or you want to live out your dreams of owning a two-bedroom Whiterun property, there's something for everyone in one of the best games of all time. With lockdown showing no signs of abating, assuage those itchy feet by exploring Skyrim's vast wilderness

There's loads of other deals as part of Sony's Spring sale, but to top it all off, PlayStation has launched its PlayAtHome initiative to encourage gamers to stay indoors. It's offering Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection and explorer sim Journey absolutely free.


Lockdown? What lockdown?

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If you don't want to pull the trigger on a single game, we've got a great solution for you: a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus. Get 24 free games a year for the price of one new title, play with your friends online and get more fantastic members-only discounts on the PlayStation store. Check out the full deal below: 

PlayStation Plus | 12-month subscription | now £49.99 at GAME

PlayStation Plus | 12-month subscription | now £49.99 at GAME
A PlayStation Plus subscription allows you to get the most out of the PS4 (and, eventually, the PS5 later this year). Get two free games a month (April's is the incredible Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, plus Dirt Rally 2.0), get great PlayStation store discounts and connect with your friends to play online. In lockdown, that last one might be the most important feature of all.

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