Price plummets for Amazon's latest tablet – I reviewed it, at this price it's essential

This is an unmissable deal for Amazon's Fire Max 11

Amazon Fire Max 11
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The Amazon Fire Max 11 really left an impression on me when I reviewed it earlier this month. 

With GB RAM and Wifi 6 support, this slate offers performance specs comparable to a far more expensive tablet and a chunky battery life too, all at a very competitive price. Which is why I'm delighted and surprised to see it massively discounted so soon.

You can in fact pick up an Amazon Fire Max 11 for as little as $149/£139 if you don't mind lock screen ads, but the ad-free version (which is better for kids) will only set you back $164/£149. That's a massive saving from the original $245/£260 (without ads) price. 

Amazon Fire Max 11: was $244 now $164

Amazon Fire Max 11: was $244 now $164
This is an amazing price but the Fire Max 11 is no budget tablet. With 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage and Wifi 6 compatibility, this is a capable performer with a stunning 11-inch screen and two 8MP cameras.

Amazon Fire Max 11: was £259 now £149

Amazon Fire Max 11: was £259 now £149
Great for kids, students and families, Amazon's latest tablet is a bargain with strong performance, a glorious screen, long battery life, Kindle support and solid cameras. 

To be honest, if you have kids this might now be the go-to family tablet as with an 11" screen, and impressive audio, this is a great Netflix streaming device. It even has an aluminium case for a more premium in-hand feel.

If you've got family members going to college/university, this tablet, compatible with Microsoft's suite of office apps and combined with the keyboard case (sold separately) is an excellent laptop replacement. Plus the 8MP cameras on the front and rear are both capable of full HD1080p video, handy for video calls.

Of course, as an Amazon device, the Fire Max 11 has full Alexa support for hands-free use and pairs nicely with the likes of the Amazon Echo Pop (also on sale) to help control your smart home system. 

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