PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch Online: Save up to 20% during lockdown

Connect with friends and players around the world for less with these great online gaming deals

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Sometimes, lockdown can get lonely. No matter your console of choice, there's only so many awesome single-player adventures you can romp through (and there's plenty to choose from, with Spider-Man, Skyrim and God of War all available with huge discounts) before needing a bit of connection.

Fortunately, online retailer CDKeys (opens in new tab), which specialises in digital downloads, has great discounts for three-month subscriptions for PlayStation Plus (opens in new tab), Nintendo Switch Online (opens in new tab) and Xbox Live Gold (opens in new tab) memberships, so you can connect with friends and other players. Now you're all stuck at home, there's never been a better time to leap into Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone together.  

It's rare to get discounted memberships: most gamers just buy direct from their console store, but shopping around can actually save you money. Check out the deals in full below:

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Xbox Live Gold 3-month subscription | was £19.99 | now £15.99 from CDKeys (opens in new tab)
Xbox Live Gold is the only way to connect with other Xbox One players online. You also get two free games a month, including Microsoft exclusives: that's six games over three months for £16. What a bargain!

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PlayStation Plus | 3-month subscription | was £19.99 | now £16.99 at CDKeys (opens in new tab)
Save 15% on a PlayStation Plus subscription, which allows you to get the most out of the PS4. Get two free games a month (April's is the incredible Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, plus Dirt Rally 2.0), get great PlayStation store discounts and connect with your friends to play online.

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Nintendo Switch Online | 12-month subscription | was £17.99 | now £14.99 from CDKeys (opens in new tab)
Nintendo Switch Online's 12-month price lines up with the three-month subscription fees of other consoles. If you want to make the most of Nintendo Switch game's online features (including multiplayer) you'll need a subscription, but fortunately, the reduced fee makes it very affordable to invite other Animal Crossing players to your island.

Whether you want to challenge your buddies to a tense round of Mario Kart (opens in new tab), or you're just hankering to jump into a frenzied game of Fortnite (opens in new tab) to while away lockdown, you'll need one of these three membership programmes (depending on the console) to do it, and these deals are the cheapest way. Don't miss out!

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