Planning on buying an OLED TV? Well, you may want to wait a bit

Japan Display has announced a potentially massive upgrade so hold off on buying an OLED TV for now

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If you're planning on buying one of the best OLED TVs then we have some advice: maybe wait a little while longer. 

Why? Well, Japan Display has announced a new way of making OLED TVs that should improve pretty much every aspect, from brightness to durability and energy efficacy. 

It's a potentially game-changing innovation from the TV hardware manufacturer. 

Japan Display is describing the technology as eLEAP, which involves a technique called mask evaporation (FMM). The company says it is a "breakthrough" and while we need to wait and see the final results, it certainly seems that way. 

eLEAP stands for environment positive, Lithography with maskless deposition, Extreme long life, low power, high luminance and Any shape Patterning, which is a bit of a mouthful. 

In fact, you might not even have to wait that long: Japan Display is currently in talks to begin sample production by the end of 2022, meaning you could be getting the next big TV upgrade as soon as next year. 

eLEAP Japan Display

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Japan Display says an eLEAP-based TV can achieve a 60% aperture ratio, far above the current 28% for OLED TVs, meaning that each pixel is working to its fullest potential. 

By introducing this technology, Japan Display could fix one of the main drawbacks to OLED TVs: brightness. While the colours and contrast are excellent, OLED can oftentimes fail to reach the same levels as LED TVs. 

Japan Display also says that eLEAP wouldn't make TVs any thicker, which is a big bonus for anyone that prefers to have a very subtle panel against the wall. 

While you might not have heard of Japan Display over, say, Samsung or LG, the company has been a supplier for Apple for some time, producing iPhone and Watch displays. 

Can't wait for eLEAP? 

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