Pixel 8 Pro's rumoured screen upgrade could be a game changer

Shine bright like a Pixel

Google Pixel 7 review: phone screen open in front of wall
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Hang on just a few more days and you'll be treated to the reveal of the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, a pair of phones that look set to compete for the title of best Android phone. One of the biggest rumoured upgrades is something that you can't take your eyes off of. The screen.

According to a comprehensive specs leak Google's newest instalments in the Pixel series are set for a serious display brightness upgrade. We're not just talking about an incremental increase either. The Pixel 7 Pro has a peak brightness of around 1600 nits, not bad, but nothing compared to the supposed Pixel 8 Pro display which has supposedly jumped up to a mighty 2400 nits. That's a 50% increase on last year's model. 

The entry-level Pixel is getting a similar amount of love too. The Pixel 7 boasted a 1400 nit max brightness and the same leak suggests the Pixel 8 will achieve 2000 nits. That's another big leap. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro leak

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While these are objective upgrades for the display there is another likely change that could be a bit more divisive. Curved displays are a bit like marmite, not to everyone's liking, and it seems like the Pixel 8 Pro will be dropping the curves for a flatter screen this year.

Of course, these much brighter displays might take a greater toll on the battery, but it looks like Google has thought of that too with both Pixels supposedly set to receive a battery boost. The expected new Tensor G3 chipset will hopefully bring efficiency improvements too in an effort to further offset this new brightness. 

While not all upgrades will be as obvious as the screen, all in all, the Pixel 8 range is looking like a serious step up on last year's models. Throw in Google's unique Android features like a rumoured audio magic eraser that eliminates background noise, and we're very excited. 

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