OnePlus gets a free upgrade that is essential for photo lovers

This Android phone upgrade is perfect for photographers

OnePlus Open review
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The OnePlus Open just got a significant free software upgrade.

Most notably, that upgrade has given the camera a significant boost.

When we think about the best phones on the market, the camera is arguably the most important part. For most people, it's the only camera they have, meaning it has to be adept at shooting a wide variety of photography and videography.

With emerging markets like foldable phones, though, there are more question marks over the camera technology on offer. Early models had to sacrifice in that arena, with newer models pushing to strike a balance with more traditional Android phones.

Now, arguably the best foldable on the market is getting a nifty little camera upgrade. The OnePlus Open just got a significant software upgrade in the form of of OxygenOS – and that includes some big changes to the camera system.

First and foremost, users will have the ability to switch between more focal length options in the camera app. Those can be accessed by tapping the zoom buttons.

Users will also have the ability to use the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras in XPAN mode. That's made to mimic the iconic Hasselblad XPAN cameras, which feature a super wide aspect ratio. The use of those sensors should enable users to create some truly unique images.

The shutter response has also been improved. That should give users a little bit of a nicer experience overall.

Last, but certainly not least, the zoom wheel is now available in the video setting. That allows users to switch between different zoom options while taking videos, making it easier to capture the shot you really want.

That's just the camera, too. Users will also find the latest security features, as well as a host of nifty software features. You can check out the full list on the OnePlus Community page.

As with many updates of this nature, things are happening slowly. The first batch of users are getting the update now, but it will continue to roll out over the coming days and weeks to hit every users.

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