OnePlus Flip could offer something the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is missing

It would be a massively important feature for the foldable phone market as a whole

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
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Rumours have emerged about a really nifty new feature on a OnePlus Flip handset.

That would see the device employ a telephoto camera, which is a rarity among those devices.

Whether you love them or hate them, foldable phones are the future. With the ever-increasing demand for display size being limited by the physicality of phone design, folding a device in half is the way to go.

When you look at the market for foldable phones, they can be broadly split into two camps. Book-style foldable devices have roughly the same footprint as a traditional slab phone when folded, opening up to a larger tablet sized device.

Flip phones are around half the size of a slab phone, opening up to reveal their full format. These also tend to be cheaper than book-style handsets, almost at parity with the best Android phones on the market.

One thing they tend to lack, though, is a decent camera. Most have a dual-camera setup, with the telephoto lens being the one to take the hit. That was thwarted by the Oppo Find N3 Flip, though that never quite made it to the UK.

Now, though, a new leak suggests it could also make an appearance on the OnePlus Flip. That would mark a second handset in the brand's range, with the OnePlus Open having been released late last year.

That device is truly fantastic, with many outlets considering it the best foldable phone on the market right now. With prowess like that, a flip phone crafted by the brand could prove to be truly fantastic.

It's also not too much of a stretch. The Open was quite similar to the Oppo Find N3, so seeing a flip device which mirrored the Find N3 Flip would make a lot of sense – particularly after that handset never arrived in the UK.

There's no word on when to expect such a device, though. We wouldn't expect anything too soon, with a greater likelihood of leaks if a handset was close to production. Still, we'll be keeping a close eye on developments.

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