OnePlus 13 to have one big design change, according to this leaked pic

The iconic silhouette might look very different next time out

The OnePlus 12 next to a OnePlus anniversary mascot on a pink and grey background
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The OnePlus 13 looks set to get a design upgrade next time out – and it is certain to split opinions.

The iconic silhouette of recent devices from the brand looks set to be changed quite dramatically.

Over the last year the world of Android phones has really gone from strength to strength. We've seen a host of stellar devices, from the pricey high-end models packed with features, to nifty, cheaper units that offer great bang for the buck.

One of the best of recent times has been the OnePlus 12. That's a stellar handset with a top notch camera and a truly stunning design.

Now, rumours are emerging about its successor – the OnePlus 13. We've already heard how that could drastically upgrade the fingerprint sensor in the device. Now, we've seen a leaked image – and there's a pretty significant design change which is certain to split opinions.

The image – taken from a source on Weibo – shows a device with a squircle camera bump. That's not uncommon for OnePlus. As recently as the OnePlus 10T, the brand made use of a similar design, though they since moved over to a circular camera module.

Personally, I'm a much bigger fan of that circular design. For me, it's much more modern and sleek looking, and was a big part of why the OnePlus 12 looked as good as it did. That design was also inspired by luxury watches, too – a nice touch.

Still, it shouldn't really come as too much of a surprise. We heard back in March that a massive design overhaul was on the cards. And, with a device with such simple design language, there really wasn't much else which could change – short of an iPhone-esque square-sided affair.

It's not the only neat new feature we can expect, either. Reports suggest that the model may be the first to launch with the as yet unreleased Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip. That should bring the next generation of processing potential with it. While nothing has been confirmed, we'd expect to see another wave of AI powered features, as well as some additional hardware for things like battery life and processing power.

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