One resistance band and this floor workout to strengthen your entire upper body

This low-impact workout is ideal when you're having one of those 'lazier' workout days

Woman sat on the floor doing a resistance band arm workout
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If you’re having a bit of a lazy day where you don’t really want to do much, the chances are you probably don’t want to do exercise, either. But there's no need to skip arm day, especially when there are workouts like this around. Not only will it take you less than 20 minutes using just a resistance band, but it’s also a floor workout, so you can still relax and take things easy(ish).

Just because this workout is floor-based, though and involves a resistance band, it doesn’t mean it won’t be effective – quite the opposite, actually. Using a resistance band is a type of strength training, as your body’s muscles have to overcome a type of resistance and the harder they work, the stronger you become. There are so many benefits of strength training, from speeding up your metabolism to helping you age better. So, although this workout may be a little 'easier' than your usual upper body workout, it still has plenty of benefits.

As we mentioned, this workout is completely floor based, and it predominantly targets your triceps, chest and shoulders, so we definitely advise having either an exercise or yoga mat beneath you. So as you aren’t spending too long on the floor and to turn up the intensity (just a tad), this workout is made up of four supersets (two exercises that you complete back-to-back). Plus, you have a finisher. We couldn’t let it be too easy now, could we?

You’ll do each exercise for 12 reps, and you want to do each superset three times. Give yourself a 20-second rest in between every round of the superset. Once you’ve completed the superset three times, then have a 30 to 60 seconds rest before moving on to the next superset. Here’s what you’ll do:

Superset 1

  • Pulldown to raise
  • Car drivers

Superset 2

  • Single arm lat pulldown
  • Bicep curl into external rotation

Superset 3

  • Chest press to skullcrusher
  • Seated upright row

Superset 4

  • Alternating chest press
  • Tricep kickback

Finisher (45 seconds)

  • Pressout with a double pulse

Don't forget, it's a small 'booty band' that you want for this workout, not a long pull-up resistance band. If you enjoyed it, though and are keen to work the rest of your body with a band, then this five-move leg workout has no squats or lunges and is completely knee-friendly (again, you only need a booty band for this). If you want to target your entire body, then give this 15-minute full-body mini band workout a go. 

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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