This 15-minute full-body workout uses only a mini elastic band for quick results

Mini-band home workout for maximum fat-burning results

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While the gym can be a great place to hone your workout routine, sometimes, getting a quick workout at home is just as effective. Even if you don't have lots of equipment, you can always start to build muscle and sculpt your muscles using simple small dumbbells, your bodyweight or, as in the case of this quick full-body home workout, resistance bands.

Haven't got any dumbbells or resistance bands yet? Check out T3's dedicated buying guides to learn more about which is best for you! Our best dumbbells guide contains all sorts of dumbbell options, while the best adjustable dumbbell roundup should be your number one destination for home weights with interchangeable plates. Finally, the best resistance bands can get you in shape quick and take up very little space at home.

Try switching up your workout routine by swapping out your favorite HIIT or strength class with barre or pilates. Barre and pilates are wonderful ways to create long, lean muscles, improve flexibility, and build strength in the deepest muscle layers. Plus, these exercises use small, repetitive movements, so you might not even need to shower after you're finished! 

Rachel McClusky's 15-Minute Full-Body Workout with Bands 

In this workout from trainer Rachel McClusky, you'll be taken through a quick 15-minute full-body workout that will work your thighs, glutes, arms and abs. Each exercise is only eight reps, but you'll definitely be feeling the burn in no time.

  • Squat series: 3 sets 
  • Leg lifts (8 reps)
  • Leg-lift pulse (8 repetitions for each leg) 
  • Low squat hold (30 seconds) 
  • Standing glute series: 2 sets
  • Toe touch (8 repetitions for each leg) 
  • Elevated Leg-pulse (8 repetitions) 
  • Arms series: 2 sets
  • Arm raise (8 repetitions)  
  • Lat pull down (8 repetitions for each side) 
  • Forward pulse (8 repetitions) 
  • Glute series: 2 sets
  • Clam opener with a pulse (8 reps for each side) 
  • Ab series: 2 sets
  • Leg extension (8 reps for each leg) 
  • Bicycle (8 reps for each side)  
  • Table-top ab crunch (8 reps)

Looking for more barre and pilates-inspired workouts to try at home? This ballet-themed full-body workout promises to burn 800 calories. Or, if you're after gains, try Natalie Portman's Thor workout to transform your abs and arms. The best thing about at-home pilates and barre? All you really need is a mat and maybe a resistance band or two. Check out this guide to buying the best yoga mats; as for resistance bands, have a look at the widgets below!

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