On Valentine's Day, nothing says "I love you" like a Ring Video Doorbell

Amazon wants you to, ahem, Kindle the flames of romance and fall in love with Alexa

Ring Video Doorbell Wired review
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This Valentine's Day, what could be more romantic than a Ring Video Doorbell 3, the 5th Generation Echo Dot or the latest Kindle? 

I know, I know. Even by Amazon's "what day is it? It's a SALE DAY!" standards "fall in love with Alexa" is a pretty flimsy hook to hang a sale on, but the discounts it's offering on its own-brand devices from smart speakers to media streamers are pretty good. And if you've been following our advice to never, ever pay full price for Amazon hardware this is a very good time to make a date with a new device you've been lusting after.

First up there's the Kindle range, with discounts of up to 24%. That's on the new entry-level Kindle, which is the best Kindle for most people thanks to its warm white display, great portability and long battery life. There are also discounts on the Kids models and the most expensive Oasis too.

Would you do me the honour of becoming my Wi-Fi?

There are some good deals on Amazon's Eero mesh routers, so if your Wi-Fi tends to mean buffering during box sets an upgrade could ensure your Valentines Day rom-com streaming is silky smooth. The biggest discounts are on the Eero Pro 6E, with up to 46% off bundles, but there's a decent 25% off the entry-level Eero 6 router too.

While we're on the subject of romcoms and boxset bingeing, there's money off the Fire TV Sticks too. The pick is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which is Amazon's top of the range streamer and which is currently 18% off, bringing it down to £44.99.

There's more. The sales event is also offering 45% of the Echo Dot 5th generation, up to 41% of Ring home security products with good discounting on video doorbells, full alarm systems and Ring Outdoor cameras, and up to 44% off Blink security products. There's up to 30% off Fire tablets, 25% off the Echo Show 8 and up to 32% off the Echo Buds 2nd Gen.

The link to Valentine's Day is pretty tenuous, I know, but these are genuine discounts on a range of products that are genuinely worth having. If you don't think your Valentine would appreciate them, you could always buy some of these goodies for yourself. After all, as Whitney once sang, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. 

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