Nvidia RTX 3080 GPUs available at Best Buy tomorrow

This could be your chance to pick up one of the highly sought after Nvidia RTX GPUs, but you need to do it in person

Nvidia RTX 3080
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Getting your hands on any new technology over the last couple of years has been tough especially next-gen consoles (like the PS5 and Xbox Series X) and graphics cards. That’s why news of a major restock of Nvidia RTX GPUs coming to Best Buy tomorrow will be welcome news to many.

The Nvidia RTX-30 series includes the popular Nvidia RTX 3080 that has been on our watch list all year.

This restock comes with a difference though. Rather than following a link tomorrow, you need to turn up in person to one of the listed Best Buy stores and physically stand in line. Stock won’t be available in every store though, so it’s worth checking the Best Buy website for a list of stores that will.

The current list is quite small – in Illinois, for instance, it’s only showing the store down in Champaign and nothing in Chicago. However, another stock list that has appeared on Twitter, suggests that other locations will also have stock.

Nvidia restock at Best Buy

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Staff at participating store will hand out tickets at 7.30am local time to those in line, guaranteeing the chance to buy one of the graphics cards once the store opens at 8am. Purchases are limited to one per person. However, you will need to get there much earlier than that to be in with a chance. Twitter users have suggested that a midnight to 3am start is realistic and I’m sure lines will start to form earlier than that in some locations.

Obviously for those locations on the Twitter list but not on the Best Buy website, you are taking a risk that stock might not appear. But then again, if it does, lines are likely to be shorter.

We will keep this updated if the details change but if you want to get your hands on an Nvidia GPU, be prepared for a long night.

Nvidia RTX stock

Nvidia stock list on Twitter

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