Garmin Edge 530 bike computer is now even better value thanks to some great mapping software updates

At last: faster route calculation for Edge GPS cycling computers plus ride-specific map improvements

Garmin update Garmin Edge update bike computer update
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Have you got a Garmin bike computer? More specifically, have you got either an Edge 530, Edge 830, Edge 1030 or Garmin Edge 1030 Plus? If so, you're in luck as these models have just received a free Garmin update that will make them much, much more competent. The update includes "navigational enhancements" and faster route calculation speeds so you can stop wasting your time before each ride, waiting for the computer to load.

Garmin running watches also recently got an update that improved everything from the (comparatively) lowly 245 to the swanky 945. Garmin's now repeated the trick for its equally impressive cycling computer range, giving seemingly significant improvements to users of everything from the relatively affordable and practical 530 to the Tour de France-ready 1030 Plus. If you're not Alberto Contador in a hurry, the much cheaper 530 is all the computer you need.

Although another thing to note is that this update is NOT available for the older 520+ – that's on an older hardware platform so it misses out. If you want the latest prices on all the best Garmin bike computers, scroll to the bottom. 

Garmin Edge software update: what's new?

The update offers new, high-contrast maps so the display is more readable in all light conditions. Garmin also improved the Trendline popularity heatmap feature which now adjusts automatically based on ride type so cyclists can instantly see the most relevant places to ride. Trendlines are based on "billions of miles of uploaded ride data layered directly onto the map", as Garmin explains, helping riders choose the most popular routes in the area.

Speaking of routes: probably the most important upgrade here is that the Garmin update improves route calculation speeds, as in makes them faster, allowing you to start riding quicker. Also, after a route has been calculated once, it’s now cached. Garmin says that on favourite routes, you can now get started 'in seconds' as a result.

How to get the Garmin Edge software update

As for the actual update, Edge computers can be refreshed automatically via Wi-Fi or directly by using Garmin Express. Garmin encourages riders are to update their maps via Garmin Express to get the latest improvements and most up-to-date popularity routing data.

Looking for an entry-level bike computer? Check out the Garmin Edge 130 Plus, a tiny entry-level bike computer with loads of useful cycling features. 

For the best Garmin Edge bike computer prices, check out the price widget below, it displays the best prices based on your location. Please note that not all models below are compatible with the update, the bottom ones have been added for variety.

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