World's smallest bike rack can fit in a pocket and solves all your storage issues

The Clug Pro bike rack weighs just 26 grams and holds bikes up to 30 kg

road bike tethered to a CLUG PRO bike rack on the wall
(Image credit: Hornit)

Let's face it, not many people can afford to live in an abode so luxurious that it has a separate bike locker. If you are one of those people – I certainly am – relax, as I found just the right thing to solve this issue forever.

Say hi to the CLUG PRO from Hornit, the "world's smallest bike rack". This tiny cycling accessory combines the original CLUG with FIDLOCK’s magnetic WINCH handle and ratchet system to ensure your bike is always secure.

Essentially, it's a little bracket you can fix to the wall that looks perfectly inconspicuous when the bike is not mounted on it, unlike full-size aluminium wall mounts.

The CLUG PRO is backed by double Olympic gold winner Alister Brownlee (who seems to be involved with a lot of things, including the Incus Nova). They even made a little video together:

According to Hornit, the CLUG PRO is engineered to hold up to 30 kg once the WINCH is magnetically locked into place and will remain "rock-solid" in the event of a hard knock from someone brushing past or an unwelcome puncture after long term storage. Sounds promising!

The CLUG PRO is made from a durable ABS polymer, tested for 10,000 insertions and comes with a 2-year warranty as standard.

CLUG PRO on white background

(Image credit: Hornit)

Can you buy this fantastic bike tool? Yes, you can! The CLUG PRO is available at Hornit (opens in new tab) from 27 October 2021 in different sizes for different bike styles. This includes CLUG PROs for road bikes, MTBs and probably even cargo bikes. The 30-kilo max load weight is also great for storing e-bikes.

Best of all? The Clug Pro is dirt cheap. Prices start at £25.99 and go all the way up to £27.99. The perfect stocking filler for your MAMIL friend (or yourself).

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