Nothing's something isn't a Nothing, it's something else entirely

I'll have half a pound of mince please, and a cyberhack

Nothing Apparel
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Nothing has lifted the lid off its clothing collection and, well, it's certainly a bit different.

Announced back in October, the Nothing Apparel range is designed to complement the company's tech and Drop 1, which arrives in London this week, certainly does that. Indeed, considering the main piece is a white semi-transparent Labcoat, it can show off the Glyph on the rear of the Nothing Phone (2) through one of the pockets.

The first collection has been codeveloped with the superbly talented team at Teenage Engineering (which also recently released its 80s-inspired EP–133 K.O. II mini sampler). As well as the coat, there's a matching cap.

Plans are for a tracksuit and other Nothing Apparel Drops in time, but these two pieces are the first to market.

The Cap costs £35 / $40 / €40, while the Labcoat is priced at £160 / $199 / €199. So, if you want to look like a cool kid (or cyberpunk butcher) you need to head down to the Nothing Store in Soho.

Other Nothing Apparel items will be on sale in other regions too.

Nothing Apparel

(Image credit: Nothing)

This something isn't the Nothing we expected

Earlier this week, Nothing was tipped to be unveiling its first entry-level handset, the Nothing Phone (2a). Some even thought that, when it posted that "something is coming" as part of its X (formerly Twitter) profile, it was referring to the new phone.

However, it's entirely about the Nothing Apparel range, so if we're to see a Nothing Phone (2a), it's unlikely to be this side of Christmas now. Carl Pei sure likes to keep us all guessing.

Now we're guessing what else we'll see from the brand and, in particular, his new clothing range. I'm putting my money on some more sci-fi-looking workwear – how about a space-faring lollipop person, with a sign that's actually a changing Glyph?

Hang on a sec, I think I'm onto something...

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