Have nothing to wear? Why not wear Nothing

After introducing Nothing Beer, Carl Pei's tech brand is now branching out into apparel

Nothing Wear
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Carl Pei's Nothing tech brand has come a long way in just a couple of years.

Not only has it given the mobile phone business a big of a kick in the nads with its second handset being among the best Android phones of 2023, it has recently launched the CMF by Nothing brand to present decent headphones and a smartwatch for very affordable prices.

And, let's not forget the Nothing Beer. We certainly won't.

Now though it is set to branch out further with the company announcing an expansion into clothing.

Nothing Apparel officially debuted in London today, 12 October 2023, with a range of caps, coats, tracksuits and other textiles inspired by the firm's design ethos.

The styling of the pieces that will be available in the line will reflect the sort of classic factory workers might wear while building tech products.

The first pieces will be on sale in London's Dover Street Market until 15 October or until stock runs out, but there will be further releases that will arrive in the Nothing Store Soho at a later date.

Those interested can sign up to be notified on a dedicated Nothing Apparel webpage.

A history of tech wear

Nothing isn't the first tech brand to have its own range of clothing.

Apple famously launched its own clothing range in the 1980s, along with a whole host of oddly branded goods. 

Apple 80s clothes

(Image credit: Apple)

Images taken from "The Apple Collection" catalogue have persistently surfaced online, much to everyone's amusement. You really could get any more 80s than bold, primary coloured polos and sweatshirts emblazoned with the old school Apple logo on them.

Indeed, many wish the company rereleased some of the gems. They're oddly back in fashion again.

Nothing's range is, well, nothing like that, however.

We're yet to see most of it, but even the description suggests that it favours a more stark, plain styling. We do worry a little about the suggestion that it's also inspired by the company's "love of transparency". If so, make sure you're wearing clean underwear folks. Or underwear, full stop.

Otherwise it really could look like you're wearing Nothing.

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