Nothing Phone (2a) will launch alongside two new products

The new phone won't be the only device unveiled on 5 March

CMF by Nothing Neckband and Buds
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There will be two products from Nothing's cheaper sub-brand, CMF, launched alongside the Nothing Phone (2a) in March.

The CMF Neckbands Pro and CMF Buds will each be unveiled in full.

Nothing has announced that its forthcoming mid-range smartphone won't be the only device launched during a press event on 5 March 2024.

The Nothing Phone (2a) will be joined by two new products from sub-brand CMF by Nothing – the CMF Neckband Pro and CMF Buds.

They will both also debut at the "Nothing Event: Fresh Eyes" which will be held on the Tuesday, kicking off at 11.30am GMT. You should be able to watch it all unfold live online (here on T3).

We don't yet know a whole lot about the Neckband Pro, save for the fact that it will be the "first in the category" to sport 50dB hybrid active noise cancellation tech.

We also don't know whether it will be available in the UK, as Nothing has only confirmed that it'll be available in India. The company does mention that there will be "additional availability", but we guess we'll find out during the event where that might be.

As for the CMF Buds, they will come with ANC tech too, which the brand claims will be "best in class" for the price point. They will be available more widely – retailers in "further markets" will stock them, it says.

CMF by Nothing invite

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The CMF by Nothing brand hit the scene in the latter half of last year with a trio of products – the CMF Buds Pro, CMF Watch Pro, and CMF Power 65W GaN (an adapter).

The new Buds will likely be an even more affordable earbuds option, which will be quite something considering the Buds Pro sit at around £49 / $49.

Certainly, they could be an ideal partner for the Nothing Phone (2a). In some ways, it's a wonder why company founder Carl Pei didn't go the whole hog and put the phone under the CMF banner too – we'd love to see an orange variant, it is the new black, after all.

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