Nintendo Switch Pro discovery mentions 4K and a new dock – and we're excited

The latest official Nintendo Switch firmware update has hidden mentions to a new 4K model model and its cradle dock

Nintendo Switch Pro
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Just when we thought the latest Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite firmware update could not reveal any more juicy secrets about the future of the Switch family of consoles, comes another incredible datamined revelation.

And, this time, it's about the next-gen console gamers are desperate for – the Nintendo Switch Pro, which is slated for release later this year.

The information comes courtesy of dataminer OatmealDome, who recently posted his discovery on Twitter. In that post, which can be seen below, OatmealDome states  that in the latest 12.0.0 firmware for the Switch the following setting can be found: "is_crda_fw_update_supported".

The dataminer then proceeds to explain that "CrdA" = Cradle (Dock) for Aula. Aula is the codename for the new model". This information is explained again by commentator Mike Heskin, who states that '"CrdA means "Cradle Aula". It's a new dock for the upcoming 4K model.' Check out the revealing post in full below:

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What's even more exciting, though, is that the exact same dataminer has also discovered another line in the latest Switch firmware, which specifically makes reference to 4K. And in the context of 4K being used over a USB 3.0 input, too – which means the new Switch would be docked when displaying at a UHD resolution.

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As can be seen in the above tweet, the specific line states "4kdp_preferred_over_usb30", which is inferred to mean that the new Switch will make use of a DisplayPort connection when docked in its new cradle to display at a 4K resolution on the attached TV or monitor.

This news, that there is a new model of Nintendo Switch coming, that it will offer a 4K resolution when docked, and that it will come with a brand new design of dock, is not new, with plenty of recent reports based on leaked information saying as such.

Nevertheless, it is very exciting to see what looks like references to these things in official Nintendo Switch firmware, and especially so considering that we're now roughly only half a year away from the Nintendo Switch Pro release date.

Here at T3 we couldn't be more excited about the Nintendo Switch Pro's launch, so here's hoping we hear more about the next-gen console soon. Nintendo has confirmed it is partaking in this year's virtual E3 games show, so maybe just maybe we'll get a teaser then.

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