New Nintendo Switch Pro clue breaks cover – and gamers should be excited

Nintendo Switch Pro clue hints at console coming with advanced new Nvidia graphics tech

Nintendo Switch Pro
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T3 has been covering the recent flurry of Nintendo Switch Pro leaks, which have included information on its slated capabilities and release date, among other things.

Indeed, according to rumors the Nintendo Switch Pro is set to come with an upgraded OLED display, advanced new Joy-Con controllers and even a redesigned docking station.

The Nintendo Switch Pro has also been called to deliver 4K graphics when in docked mode. However, up until this point exactly how the next-gen console was set to achieve that graphical feat remained a mystery.

Well, now we've got a fresh clue as to just how the Switch will deliver an UHD resolution, and it comes courtesy of a respected graphics tech leaker who recently commented on a article's Twitter post about the Nintendo Switch Pro.

The Twitter post and comment, which can be seen below, was about the Nintendo Switch Pro's rumored use of Nvidia DLSS tech, and simply read "ada".

Now, on first glance this looks like it might be something as crude as an accidental pocket post, however, actually when you start digging a lot more information could be locked away in those three letters. And it's information that should get gamers very excited.

This is because the leaker, who goes by the handle kopite7kimi has a track record of accurately calling future Nvidia graphics tech developments before they are made official (such as accurately calling Nvidia's presently in use Ampere GPU architecture before it was unveiled), and kopite7kimi's mention of "ada" appears to be a reference to "Ada Lovelace", which is the rumored successor to Ampere.

As such, this comment seems to be implying that the Nintendo Switch Pro is going to come equipped with an Nvidia GPU that makes use of the next-gen 5nm Ada Lovelace architecture. And that, if true, has the potential to make the next-gen Nintendo Switch far more powerful than the original. Suddenly that rumor of the Nintendo Switch Pro delivering 4K graphics doesn't seem so far-fetched.

And, while we don't know much about Nvidia's Ada Lovelace architecture, or how it would be used in the Nintendo Switch Pro, if the console did come with it then that would equate to an order of magnitude leap forward in graphics power from both the original Switch, which uses a Tegra X1 T210 20nm chip, and refreshed Switch, which uses a 16nm Tegra X1 T214.

It looks like Nintendo gamers sure have something to get excited about, then, with the Nintendo Switch Pro, which now looks like it may very well deliver the sort of advanced gaming power and features rumors have been suggesting it would. Hopefully we will hear something official about the Nintendo Switch Pro soon, potentially at E3 2021, which Nintendo has confirmed it is attending.

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