Nintendo Switch OLED: 5 games that should look INCREDIBLE on it

The new OLED screen on the Nintendo Switch OLED should really make these following 5 games look spectacular

Nintendo Switch OLED
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The Nintendo Switch OLED has now been officially unveiled and, in light of the console launching now in a matter of months (October 8th, 2021), Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders have now begun, too.

The new console has received a mixed reception so far, though, with a series of missing features leaving some commentators cold to it and existing Switch owners feeling disenfranchised

The one big new feature the Nintendo Switch OLED does definitely deliver, though, is a larger OLED display rather than an LCD one, which is the panel type installed on both the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

And, as T3 has detailed in its Switch OLED explained guide, this new OLED screen has the potential to make games, both new and old, look noticeably better than before, with enhanced color reproduction, brightness and contrast really making graphics pop.

So if the OLED panel can make Switch games look better, which ones would potentially benefit visually most from the tech? That's what I've thought about here, with me listing 5 existing Nintendo Switch games that I think could have their experiences transformed by the addition of an OLED screen.

Nintendo Switch OLED The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

(Image credit: Nintendo)

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

An obvious one for sure, but still no less valid, surely the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would look simply incredible running on the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Indeed, for many months plenty of gamers thought that Breath of the Wild 2 was going to be the launch game to really sell the next Switch console, and while that doesn't look like it is going to be the case, the Switch OLED should be the ideal way to replay the original.

The cel-shading graphical style of the game, mixed with its bright and vibrant world and characters, should really pop on an OLED screen, while the larger panel size will help draw gamers into Hyrule like never before.

Nintendo Switch OLED Luigi's Mansion 3

(Image credit: Nintendo)

2. Luigi's Mansion 3

With the Nintendo Switch OLED's panel set to offer markedly improved contrast and brightness capabilities, the spooky world of Luigi's Mansion 3 should also look absolutely spectacular.

All the dark rooms will be punctured by Luigi's torch beam light like never before, with the enhanced contrast offered by the OLED panel really adding to the atmosphere. Special effects, ghostly or otherwise, should also benefit from the OLED tech, with more vibrant and bright flashes of color.

Particle effects, which there are lots of Luigi's Mansion 3, will also look better, and on-screen reflections should also be down due to the fact that the screen's pixels generate light themselves rather than being backlit.

Nintendo Switch OLED Astral Chain

(Image credit: Nintendo)

3. Astral Chain

Astral Chain is one of the Nintendo Switch library's most underrated games and one of its best looking, too, with a distinctive art style and graphics loaded with plenty of particle effects and reflections.

The sci-fi futuristic world of the game, which is all neon lights and chrome, should also really jump out of the Nintendo Switch OLED's screen, too, with punchier colors and more realistic shadow tones.

In particular, the Astral Plane segments of the game should look incredible on an OLED panel, as too the player's various Legion weapons.

Nintendo Switch OLED Crysis Remastered

(Image credit: Crytek | Nintendo)

4. Crysis Remastered

Many gamers were very surprised when Crysis Remastered came to Nintendo Switch, as truth be told the console did not really have the hardware or screen to really show off its upgraded graphics.

But on Nintendo Switch OLED the gorgeous in-game graphics, for which the game is most famously known (even more so than its actual gameplay), will be able to really shine, with sunsets, water effects, particle effects, shadows and textures really popping.

The first part of the game, particularly, where the player is tasked with stalking and fighting enemies through a jungle paradise island should look simply fantastic. Crysis was always a pretty game, and Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch OLED should take the portable Crysis experience to a new level of fidelity.

Nintendo Switch OLED Octopath Traveler

(Image credit: Square Enix)

5. Octopath Traveler

Finally, while the Nintendo Switch OLED will likely make 3D games like those above look much better, it should also do wonders for 2D games, too, and specifically those that boast top-tier pixel art.

One of the very finest examples of this in the Switch games library is Octopath Traveler, the JRPG from Square Enix. The pixel art on this game is beautiful to behold and, if anything, has been completely undersold by the Switch and Switch Lite's LCD panels.

With the Switch OLED's panel, though, all those beautiful sprites will not only look more distinctive, but their colors will really stand out on the screen, too. The player's team of heroes, and the magical beasts they have to fight, will look better than ever.

Missed the Nintendo Switch OLED trailer? Watch it here.

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