Nintendo Switch 2 tipped for at least one massive spec boost

Two sources claim that Nintendo's next console will correct a significant mistake

Nintendo Switch OLED review
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It's now no secret that Nintendo plans for a new console to replace the Switch, and it could even arrive sooner than later, with some claiming an announcement next March to be a sensible guess. It could also come with a massive specifications boost – in one area, at least.

The Nintendo Switch 2 (as some are calling it) is said to have a significant uplift in storage space in comparison with the existing Switch models. One source claims that it will feature 512GB of internal flash memory – roughly the same as an Xbox Series S.

The original Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 with a measly 32GB of storage, which was barely enough to house one major game. The more recent Nintendo Switch OLED model doubled that but it's still a tiny amount of internal space for games, especially when some of the space is already taken by the operating system and essential utilities.

You have to add a microSD card just to store more than a handful of titles.

The Switch 2, on the other hand, will offer much more reasonable storage capacity, according to both podcaster Nate the Hate and VGC's Andy Robinson.

Other Nintendo Switch 2 specs

However, while Nintendo might give us something we've requested for the last six years, it might actually take something away too. Nate claims that although we'll get a "fairly significant amount of internal flash memory" there will be a downgrade in the new handheld's display.

Its size will increase to 8-inches, he states, but Nintendo will ditch the superb OLED panel found on the latest Switch. The Nintendo Switch 2 will allegedly revert back to an LCD screen.

As KitGuru posts though, these things could change before the console is announced. And Nintendo hasn't commented beyond confirming that it's working on a new machine.

We'll likely have to wait until early 2024 at the very least before we find out. But, let's just say that Christmas next year could be an interesting one - especially if the Japanese gaming giant makes good on its promise to beat the scalpers and produce enough next-gen consoles for everyone to enjoy.

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