Nintendo Switch 2 delayed to prevent shortages

Nintendo hopes to beat the scalpers with its next-gen console launch

Nintendo Switch OLED
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One of Japan's most respected news sites claims Nintendo delayed the launch of its next console to ensure there's enough stock to meet demand.

This, it hopes, will beat the scalpers when the Nintendo Switch 2 is finally made available.

Hopes for a holiday season successor to the Nintendo Switch were dashed recently, as industry sources revealed that it will be released early next year instead. Now, it seems, we know why.

It is claimed that Nintendo decided to delay the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 (as it is being called for now) because it wanted to avoid stock shortages.

The Japanese gaming giant has previously vowed to "beat the scalpers" when its next-gen machine becomes available, and that is reportedly the reason it has switched the release date to March 2025.

According to Japanese news site Nikkei, Nintendo wants to ensure there are plenty of "Switch 2" consoles on shelves, along with a healthy range of launch games: "Priority was given to ensure the initial inventory of the successor console and a lineup of software titles at the time of its launch," it wrote (via VGC).

The site also corroborates some of the console details that have leaked over the last few months, including the fact that it will once again be a hybrid machine that can double for handheld and home play, and that it will have a larger display (thought to be 8-inches).

Sadly for those who have shifted their calendar entries from late summer 2024 to March 2025, Nikkei also points out that the release date could slip again depending on manufacturing and supply.

As we've said before, the delay might come as a disappointment to many, but if you are in the market for an existing Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED Model, you might find some amazing bargains coming up.

It's still an amazing games console, even seven years in and the sheer volume of titles still being released makes it one of our favourite handhelds of all time. Plus, considering its replacement is expected to be backward compatible, you can always upgrade sometime in the future and still play your favourite games. You can't go far wrong.

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