Nintendo Direct could happen this week, here's why

Nintendo never gives much warning, but evidence is mounting

Nintendo Switch OLED
(Image credit: Nintendo)

There is increasing speculation that a Nintendo Direct could happen this week. Some of the speculation comes from a new controller, which has had short-term confidentiality at the FCC until Friday September 24. The controller, which is likely for the Switch, would therefore be part of any Direct, especially as that FCC confidentiality expires on Friday.

The controller, which rumours suggest could have a distinctly N64 vibe, hasn’t had firm details leaked apart from some vague sticker placement information. Nintendo has form on this sort of launch too, having previously launched the SNES controller ahead of those games appearing on Switch Online. According to Eurogamer, Nintendo is about to launch Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles on its online service. It’s not clear why Nintendo would launch an N64 controller for Game Boy games though, it would make sense for the company to expand its N64 library though, and by expand we mean “let us have Goldeneye now”.

As well as the controller, we’re also quite overdue a Nintendo Direct. The last took place at E3 2020, back in June. Before that we had the February 17 announcements of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other games launching in the first half of 2021. We’re now in the run up to Christmas, so some additional news is likely building up at Nintendo HQ.

Not only that, but the Nintendo Switch OLED is imminent. The new console will ship to customers on October 8 and it’s likely that review samples will be heading out to reviewers soon. While the company has likely sold boatloads of the new console, it seems likely that it would also want to get people excited to play games on their new device. 

In addition to all of that, Nintendo has been holding Directs in September since 2012. While they aren’t the only date Nintendo uses, we haven’t heard a peep out of the company this month, and time is running out for September 2021. While none of that is proof that the company will sneak out a Direct on either Thursday or Friday this week, it does have potential to come true.

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