Nintendo could add Game Boy games to Switch – and we're excited

Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles may expand Switch Online Service

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Next month, Switch Online rolls into its third year of service. Alongside this milestone, whispers of more retro content set to arrive on the platform have surfaced, including talk of certain Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color games heading to Switch Online in the coming weeks.

The news comes from the “Nate the Hate” podcast, with popular tipster ‘NateDrake’ talking about how Nintendo could be lining up a bunch of Game Boy and Game Boy Color blasts from the past to amplify its Nintendo Switch Online service.

Corroborating the news from Nate the HateNintendo Lifeand Eurogamer note that fans could be set to get a stream of golden oldies on the Nintendo Switch. This could involve other platforms getting the Game Boy treatment, as well. That's according to Eurogamer, although it stopped short of providing more details around which ones it could be. 

Nintendo Switch Online, which is effectively Nintendo’s answer to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, lets users play online and offers access to particular games. Currently, the catalog of games covers select titles pulled from the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, where Nintendo continually refreshes the line by adding games to the consoles’ respective catalogs.

Gaming nostalgia

With its third anniversary fast approaching, the addition of new content from Game Boy would be a welcome and no doubt warmly received retro addition to the existing games available through Switch Online.

There's no official word yet from Nintendo. However, Eurogamer also said: “This month is the third anniversary of the Nintendo Switch Online service, which originally launched in September 2018, offering a selection of NES titles. SNES games began trickling out from September 2019.” As such, it would be a nice tie-in, with what is a significant milestone for the company. 

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