Ninja launches Blast, a cordless portable blender… and I’m obsessed with it!

The Ninja Blast is my new must-have appliance for on-the-go smoothies

Ninja Blast portable blender launch
(Image credit: Ninja)

Ninja has just unveiled its newest product to its extensive portfolio, the Ninja Blast. As showcased at IFA 2023, this high-performance blender is all about ease and portability, helping busy people and fitness lovers alike take their smoothies, shakes and drinks with them while on-the-go.

Ninja is best known for its range of kitchen appliances, with many of its products earning top spots in our guides for the best air fryer and the best multicooker. 2023 has been a huge year for Ninja with its new releases, including the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker, the Ninja Speedi, and the Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer. And if you thought that they’d be slowing down, you’d be wrong as Ninja is now introducing its new blender, the Ninja Blast.

Competing with the power and convenience of the best blenders, the Ninja Blast Portable Blender is lightweight, cordless and compact. Despite its petite size, this blender is backed by Ninja Blast technology, a ribbed vessel that creates a vortex to whizz up your smoothie or drink of choice. Combined with the BlastBlade Assembly in durable stainless steel, the Ninja Blast can easily tackle fresh or frozen ingredients without breaking a sweat.

Something I’ve found difficult with taking smoothies on the go is that after an hour or so (roughly the length of most commutes), my smoothie looks a little sad and discoloured. This is why I think the Ninja Blast is going to appeal to so many people, as you can take the entire device – blades and all – with you and blend your drink when you get to work, the gym or school. 

With an 18 oz / 470ml capacity, the Ninja Blast can hold and blend a good amount of food and liquid. With separate power and blend buttons, you don’t have to worry about your blender unintentionally starting if it presses against something in your bag. If this ever does happen though, the Ninja Blast is leak-resistant and incredibly easy to clean too.

Ninja Blast

(Image credit: Ninja)

With its cordless design, the Ninja Blast has a long lasting battery life that can blend more than 10 times on a single charge, plus it can be quickly recharged via USB-C. As per usual with its new launches, Ninja has really thought of everything!

During IFA 2023, I got to see the Ninja Blast in action and even got to taste the fruits of its labour. Watching the Ninja team load up and power on the Ninja Blast was insanely quick and it speedily and easily cut through food including fruit and yoghurts without any struggle. 

The portable handle really stuck out to me as the main facilitator for transporting the blender in its entirety with the main mechanism still attached. I tried a smoothie made from the Ninja Blast and couldn’t rate it highly enough. In spite of its small size, there were no lumps or odd textures, and it easily blended everything without any issues.

To keep your drinks fresher and smoother for longer, the Ninja Blast is my must-have appliance from IFA 2023 and I want one in my kitchen now! The Ninja Blast will be available later in 2023 on the Ninja website and select retailers in Denim Blue or Black colourways for £49.99. More colours are expected to join the range in 2024.

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