Nike celebrates 10th anniversary of Tech Fleece with new materials, colours and shapes

Nike's new Tech Fleece collection doubles down on warmth and style

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Who doesn't like a head-to-toe fleece outfit? There are probably a few people, actually, but they can just skip this article. The rest of you might be delighted to hear that Nike just launched their new Tech Fleece collection, which is said to "honour the past, respecting the heritage and craft of the timeless product, while improving the material even further."

Nike, one of the biggest sports brands, aren't new to fleeces, and if you look around on the street, you'll likely see a couple of people in Nike fleeces (and a few more in The North Face gear). But even if you have a pair of Nike joggers or a hoodie, you might want to check out the collection as the brand claims the new apparel options are warmer, with an even smoother feel, featuring mineral-inspired colourways and containing at least 55% recycled materials.


(Image credit: Nike)

"One of our core values is to listen to the voice of the athlete, which is true for our lifestyle product and our performance offerings," Luke Hammer, Senior Apparel Designer at Nike, said, "From runners and tennis players to footballers, basketballers and dancers, the resounding feedback is how much athletes look to Tech Fleece when in search of comfort without compromising style."

"It’s not a secret that I love a head-to-toe look, and the new Tech Fleece provides just that. Whether it’s the streets of Manchester or just relaxing at home, it’s something I know I can pull out of my wardrobe and wear with comfort and confidence, no matter what I’m getting up to," record-breaking striker Erling Haaland, one of the many stars promoting the new collection, added.

Highlights from the collection include the Tech Fleece OG Women's Loose Cape with its tailored lines and sleek details, the Tech Fleece Windrunner Men's Full-Zip Hoodie, drawing design inspiration from Nike's Windrunner and Tech Fleece jackets, and the Tech Fleece Men's 1/2-Zip Sweatshirt, a premium, lightweight fleece with plenty of warmth without the added bulk.

Check out the full collection at Nike, or browse T3's best fleece jacket guide, so you can make the most educated buying decision.

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