News@8pm: Playboy iPad App and Sony CEO apology

Plus: Android app store set to take Apple's crown for most apps

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Google Earth finally makes an appearance on Android tablets today, but only for those running Honeycomb. The app, which allows you to tour the world from the comfort of your sofa, comes at the same time as news that Android App store is on course to take Apple's crown to have the most apps this summer.


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Apple's iPad range makes up 82 per cent of the US tablet market, with the iPad 2 building on the success of its predecessor. It appears that, despite being hampered by global stock shortages and the inability to meet the huge demand from consumers, Apple has still managed to monopolise the US market. The news comes as Playboy announces an app for the device, despite Steve Jobs having strong reservations about any nudity on his products. Hugh Hefner tweeted earlier today that a long-in-the-works completely uncensored digital version of the magazine will be hitting iPads from May 18th.

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer has spoken out and apologised to users about the recent hack to the Playstation Network, two weeks after it emerged millions of user's details had been stolen. The announcement comes with the network still offline, and Sony pointing the finger of blame of online vigilante group 'Anonymous'. The tech giant's share price has been hit by the crisis, closing 2.3% down on the first day the Nikkei index resumed trading.

Sony Ericsson has unveiled plans Xperia Mini and Mini Pro handsets. The devices, said to be the world smallest Android phones with the ability to record HD video, are also heavily drenched in Facebook software, allowing users to tell friends of their every move and action. Another product announcement today was that of the HTC tablet stylus. The so called 'magic pen' will be priced at £47.99, making it a weightily priced accessory for HTC's upcoming first tablet.