News@8: Nike 'auto-lace' shoes and Android 'hideous'?

Plus: iPad still top by 2012 and phonecalls from Gmail

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Nike 'auto-lacing' trainers: In a much more pleasant and childish end to the news we are happy to report that Nike has filed and been granted a patent for the 'Automatic Lacing System'. What this means is that they've presumably found a way to actually recreate the trainers seen in Back to the Future II. What we know is that we really really want Nike to make them, so here's hoping.


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Android is a developer's nightmare? It seems that we've finally found why the Android Facebook app is looking slightly slick than its iPhone equivalent. The lead developer Joe Hewitt has criticised Android on Twitter calling it 'hideous' and 'sloppily designed'. This is of course just opinion, and I'm sure there are plenty of people that will disagree with him. For apps however that have all the very best qualities why not check out our 'Top Five Weather Apps' and keep yourself out of the rain.

iPad will still be no.1 by 2012: According to research carried out by iSuppli the iPad will remain the top tablet well into 2012. The research predicts that their market share will drop from the current 74% to a still high 61%. Of course with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackPad both imminent, all eyes will be on whether these stats come true. In other Apple related news, Apple has set the launch date for a music-themed press conference. We can only assume this is the much anticipated launch of the new iPod Touch, however stay tuned to T3 and we'll keep you up to date on all the releases when it kicks off next Wednesday.

Make phonecalls from Gmail: In a clear bid to rival companies like Skype, Google has released an application which allows users to make phonecalls from Gmail. with calls to landlines being free. Only available in the US and Canada so far but you can expect them to branch out for sure. In other news you can now get hold of NME for iPhone/iPod Touch. The app costs £1.19 and gives you access to videos of rockstars looking cool, and pictures of rockstars, again looking cool.

2% of Brits plan to buy a 3DTV: In news that will almost certainly come as a blow to manufacturers, Deloitte has released the results of a survey which shows that only two per cent of the UK public are planning on splashing out for a 3DTV. Out of the 4,199 asked, only a distressingly low 89 admitted they were considering buying one in the next 12 months. In a hugely ironic twist, Sony's European Games boss Ray Maguire has said that the public will be happy to spend up to £2000 on a 3DTV. Whilst he admits it won't be an overnight success, he's keen to point out that prices will inevitably drop for the tech.