News@8 IFA Special: ViewPad 100 and 4k Canon camera

Plus: Samsung i5510 and TomTom for iPhone

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We give you all the latest IFA news from 3DTVs to the latest smartphones in this special edition of the News@8.

Samsung unveils Epic 4G lookalike: If you happened to pass the Vodafone stall at IFA you might have noticed the Samsung i5510 which will soon be arriving in Europe and the UK. It'll be the first Android QWERTY from Samsung to hit our shores and has specs which with a few exceptions originally pointed at a UK Epic 4G. In other mobile news, TomTom has released an update for it's TomTom Navigation for iPhone/iPod Touch. It includes Navigate-to-photo using geo-tagging and a whole array of new features.

ViewSonic decides two is better than one: Apparently according to ViewSonic anyway, one operating system just isn't enough these days for a tablet. That's why the new ViewSonic ViewPad 100 has both Android 1.6 and Windows 7 Home Premium edition installed, allowing you to make your mind up. It's a clever idea, but before buying wait for our full hands-on to see whether it works as well as it sounds.

Canon shows us the future: Canon has decided to show us the future with its 4k Concept Camera. Capable of shooting video at four times 1080p this makes it a truly futuristic piece of gadgetry; now all we have to do is find the TV capable of outputting it.

90% UK users unsure of broadband speed: Nine out of every ten UK broadband customers admitted they have no idea what their broadband speed actually is. The survey carried out by ICM discovered that the advertised speeds by broadband companies bore little to no resemblance to what the majority of customers were getting. On a more positive note, Sony and the BBC have teamed up to create a BBC iPlayer Widget for Sony's Vaio laptops allowing users to gain direct access to the service. Finally Skype 5.0 Beta has been released for Windows and gives users the opportunity to have up to 10-way video conversations, doubling that of Skype's previous edition.