Apple Watch Series 4 seizes Gadget Of The Year at T3 Awards 2019

Clearly the best smartwatch, a great fitness wearable and who knows? It might actually save your life…

T3 Awards 2019 Apple Watch Series 4 wins Gadget Of The Year

There’s so much excellent tech in all our T3 Awards 2019 categories that could have been crowned Gadget of the Year, but when we thought about something that not only nailed exactly what it’s aiming to achieve, but that’s also groundbreaking in a way that’s already deeply influencing the world of tech, it had to be the Apple Watch Series 4

The inclusion of an ECG and fall detection are two features that you hope you’ll never have cause to use, but that could literally save your life – the former can detect an irregular heart rhythm that could be a sign you need medical treatment, while the latter will ask if you’re okay when it senses that you’ve fallen hard, and calls the emergency services (and sends your location to your emergency contacts) if you don’t respond. For anyone with mobility problems, or an elderly relative, it’s a revelation for peace of mind.

As soon as we tried it, we suddenly wondered why every bit of personal tech isn’t looking out for us in this way. In fact, since the Series 4’s launch, that’s already changing – more wearables are including equivalent health tech, while our Best Dash Cam T3 Award-winner includes a feature to call the emergency services when you have a severe accident.

It’s important that the rest of the device is fantastic beyond these features too, of course. From its new thinner design and larger screen, to the more accurate second-gen optical heart-rate sensor, to the zippy processor and smart watchOS software, it’s a brilliant package. 

But it was this template for technology as an invisible health guardian that won us over. When you actively use the Watch, it’s as a brilliant activity tracker and communication device – but it’s quietly doing a much more important job on your behalf, and isn’t the whole point of new technology to take the burden off you?

Full shortlist: Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4, Huawei P30 Pro, Naim Mu-so 2nd Gen, Nikon Z6, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung Q950R 8K TV, Sony WH1000-XM3

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