New PS5 bundles rumoured for end of January launch

They come as Sony announce the end of supply bottlenecks which have made it tough to find a PS5 for sale

PlayStation 5
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Gaming fans were rejoicing at CES 2023, after comments from Sony's CEO suggested that the supply issues that have plagued the PS5 since its release should soon be a thing of the past.

It's a bold statement. The PS5 was originally released in November 2020, and has been as rare as hens teeth ever since. Available stock is scarce, and, when it does pop up, generally disappears just as fast.

It remains to be seen whether it actually is a thing of the past, but consoles certainly seem to be more readily available. Checking for stock on our PS5 restock tracker shows a wealth of different stores with free inventory – including the PlayStation Direct store itself.

Now, there looks set to be another bundle joining the fray. According to the respected tech tipsters at WinFuture, the new variant will come with two DualSense controllers included, instead of just one. Plus, the new dual-controller bundle will be offered with both the Digital and the Standard edition console.

It's a sensible choice from Sony. Many who use the PS5 will want to do so with others – hit games like FIFA 23 and Gran Turismo 7 are fantastic when played as an in-person multiplayer – and this bundle saves the user from having to separately purchasing a second controller.

There is currently no indication of retail pricing – but the WinFuture article does give some pricing based on inflated, grey market dealers. That suggests a top end of €649/699 depending on which version of the console is selected. That directly translates to around £570/615, $699/750, and AU$1,000/1,080.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks, as proper retail pricing should be made available in the days and weeks before the official launch.

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