New PlayStation 5 bundle could include access to 100s of free games

Take your pick right out of the box

PS5 game running on TV next to PlayStation 5 console
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There's no worse feeling than getting your shiny new console home, booting up the game that you got bundled with it and then not clicking with it. You're left with a brilliant console and nothing you want to play. 

If this new leak is true, however, you could have hundreds of games from every generation to play from day one when you buy a PS5. Leaker Zuby_Tech tweeted a picture of a PS5 bundle that comes not with a game or two, but 24 months of PlayStation Plus Premium, the highest tier of the subscription service.

Usually costing £13.49/ $17.99 a month, the Premium tier of the service not only grants access to online multiplayer but also 400 games available to download or stream. Spanning more recent releases and retro classics, some of the highlights include Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (the best game on PS5), Horizon Forbidden West, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In addition to the long list of titles, Premium subscribers also get access to time-limited trials for select games, plus the ability to stream PS4 games (with PS5 games coming soon) via the cloud. 

While this is an unconfirmed leak, and we don't have a price to go on just yet, it makes sense Sony would offer such a bundle. We are officially one year on from the release of the tiered PS Plus system and Sony Interactive Entertainment claimed recently that 30% of PS Plus subscribers have signed up to either PS Plus premium or extra. 

As for Xbox, given the strength of its Game Pass library, a similar bundle with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription thrown in would make a lot of sense. Bundles like these might be a difficult sell at the start of a console generation, but now there are lots of great games to choose from on both platforms. If either Sony or Microsoft releases a mid-console refresh (more likely Sony it seems) then a bundle like this would be much more enticing than including a game many may already own. 

Although it launched with a fairly meagre lineup, Sony has been steadily adding titles to the PS Plus catalogue with Far Cry 6 recently landing on the service amongst others.

Andy Sansom
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