Nike Free's new design means more comfortable running, even cooler look

New full bootie construction leaves you no excuse for not shattering your PB

One of our favourite running shoes has had a refresh. Three new models are hitting the running track right now: Nike Free 5.0, Free 3.0 Flyknit and Free 4.0 Flyknit.

Nike Free 5.0 has a "full bootie" construction- and who doesn't like a full bootie? - that makes it even more comfortable than before. Which is no mean feat, considering the previous incarnations were comfy enough to double as slippers. The mesh on the upper and no-sew overlays help it stay amazingly light and very breathable, so your leg-ends won't honk too much. Hopefully.

The Flyknit upper in the Flyknit models hugs your foot, allowing them to be flexible while supportive. They have a slightly looser weave than previous models, again helping them be more breathable.

Nike Free aims to recreate the sensation of running barefoot while still giving the support and cushioning runners need. The soles flex naturally along with the movement of the foot, giving a fuller range of motion. Phylite foam gives plenty of cushioning.

The uppers are flexible too, and soft as socks. Not only does this allow for greater movement and more comfort, it also makes them easy to pack, as you can scrunch them up in a bag and not worry about them losing their shape.

In place of a structured heel, the Free 3.0 Flyknit uses Flyknit tech to support the heel, while the Free 4.0 Flyknit uses a non-stretch yarn to add more stability. This also makes the trainers lighter than rivals.

Nike Free is one of the most technically advanced running shoes around, and one of the most comfortable we've ever worn. One criticism is that our uppers tore from the sole pretty quickly. But then we were wearing them day in, day out.

You can also personalise them to your heart's content using NikeiD. The full range is available from today.