New iPhone X to get tough screen, at long last

Could a shatterproof screen finally be coming to Apple iPhones?

iPhone X

Apple could be set to fix one of its greatest problems that has plagued its iPhones for years, including the iPhone X – that cracking screen.

Plans for a new iPhone, which will feature a tougher screen have been revealed early – very early in fact.

Ever trusty Apple future-gazer KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, has revealed details about the iPhone tough screen which will use Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) tech.

This CGS technology essentially relocates the touch module to the surface of the glass rather than on the display panel, where it currently sits. 

That means the new iPhone with this CGS tech will not only have a more shock resistant glass display but it’ll be lighter too.

Sounds like wins all round, right? There’s a catch. This tech isn’t likely to appear until the 2019 iPhone release. That’s not all.

This new manufacturing method should increase the cost of screen production for Apple by about 15%. The plan by Apple, apparently, is to offset this by ditching 3D Touch and saving money by not including that anymore.

This makes sense after Apple didn’t add 3D Touch to its iPads at launch either, suggesting a lack of support. 

So while we may have to wait until 2019 to see stronger screens on iPhones, we could be treated to a giant screen this year if recent iPhone rumours prove accurate.

Luke Edwards

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