New iPad mini gets first ever price cut in Amazon Black Friday deal

The latest iPad is going to be a massive hit this Xmas, so save a little with this early Black Friday iPad deal

Apple iPad mini held in the hand with sign saying Black Friday Deals
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The new iPad mini (6th Gen) was just released a matter of weeks ago, but we're already seeing the first discount on it in the UK, in among the early Amazon Black Friday deals

iPad mini (6th Gen): was £479, now £459 at Amazon UK

Now, that £20 might not rank among the best Black Friday deals overall when it comes to money saving, but given how new this iPad is, it might be as good as it's going to get. Especially when you factor in that lots of products – including Apple tech – is expected to be in short supply as we get close to Christmas. And hey, it's still £20!

The new iPad mini is a pretty incredible little machine. The sleek new design gives it a generous 8.3-inch screen in a tiny body – it's about the size and weight of a notebook. It uses an Apple A15 processor, just like the iPhone 13, which means it's more powerful than most laptops. And it supports the Apple Pencil 2 for drawing, which attaches magnetically to the side and charges wirelessly, so it's always ready to go.

In my review, I said that the new iPad mini "feels like the ultimate expression of what Apple always wanted it to be: a highly flexible computer in the smallest possible space". It's so ridiculously capable – handling everything from 4K video editing to turning handwritten notes into copyable computer text – but it weighs nothing and can go everywhere with you without weighing you down.

It's one of the best iPads for students thanks to its portability and note-taking powers, but it's also one of the best tablets for kids, because it's a powerful gaming machine… and everyone can enjoy watching video on the great screen and stereo speakers. 

Apple iPad mini (6th Gen): was £479, now £459 at Amazon UK

Apple iPad mini (6th Gen): was £479, now £459 at Amazon UK
The iPad mini 6th Gen is an 8.3-inch tablet with a gorgeous high-res screen, a powerful processor, Apple Pencil 2 support, USB-C connectivity for accessories, and a great camera system. It's very new, so this discount of £20 might not seem like a huge saving, but it's more than we expect this early, and is worth jumping on if you want to guarantee one before Christmas.

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