New Certina dive watch raises money for the Sea Turtle Conservancy

One of my favourite watches of the last year is back with a striking new colour and a positive impact

The Certina PH1000M STC
(Image credit: Certina)
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Certina has unveiled its latest timepiece – the Certina PH1000M STC.

This iconic dive watch raises funds for the Sea Turtle Conservancy, while packing in some impressive specs.

While different trends always come and go in the world of watches, it's fair to say some have more staying power than others. If you've been watching – no pun intended – for a while, you'll have seen all kinds of things have their moment in the sun.

Dive watches are a slightly different breed, though. These watches have ascended to immense popularity over the last few years. Once simply the work tool of professional divers, these watches are now equally at home in the boardroom.

One of my favourite dive watches from last year was the Certina PH1000M. Unapologetic, and wearing generations of dive watch heritage right there on its sleeve, this watch surprised me with a slimmer-than-anticipated feel on the wrist.

Now, the brand has unveiled a new model with two important points of note. The first is the colour. The watch takes on a really lovely teal blue dial and bezel insert, paired up with orange accents.

The second is denoted by the STC portion of its name. This watch is produced to raise funds for the Sea Turtle Conservancy, an organisation which seeks to preserve the lives of at-risk turtles. It's a great cause, and one which the good folks at Certina have been supporting for many years.

The Certina PH1000M STC

(Image credit: Certina)

Elsewhere, you'll find the same great specs you'd get on the standard model. The watch enjoys a whopping 1,000m of water resistance, which is more than enough for anyone.

Inside, you'll find the ever popular Powermatic 80 movement. That soared to widespread acclaim in the Tissot PRX 80, and has made its way into pretty much every other Swatch Group brand since then.

Priced at £885, this represents a really impressive value proposition. Sure, we wouldn't call that cheap, but it offers a whole lot of goodness – and does some good in the process– for the money.

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