Never delete another Nintendo Switch game again with this 1TB Zelda microSD card

Store the whole of Hyrule and more on your Nintendo Switch with this special-edition 1TB SanDisk microSD card

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you’ve ever struggled with storage space on your consoles, you’ll know that you will have to break your own heart. Deleting a game that you love to make room for a new squeeze can be a tough decision that you regret instantly. But now, on your Nintendo Switch, you don’t have to make that choice. 

Western Digital and SanDisk have announced a new MicroSD for the system that has a whopping 1TB of storage, the highest it has ever produced. Put it this way, Tears of The Kingdom offers a massive sprawling open world, but still only comes in at 16.3GB. Filling up this new MicroSD sounds like a big quest for any hero. While it will mainly be in your Switch, the card also comes with a nice Hylian Crest design. 

Switch games are not as large as their PlayStation and Xbox counterparts, but that’s not to say that 1TB of storage space won’t be put to good use. The best Switch games span Hyrule, the Mushroom Kingdom and the world of Pokemon, so there's plenty to play. 

Sandisk 1TB MicroSD

(Image credit: SanDiskj)

A £159.99 price tag might be a bit more than you’re used to paying for storage but never having to make a Sophie’s Choice style decision between two of your favourite titles might just be worth it. Hopefully, the Switch’s successor will support MicroSD cards and backward compatibility, making it a long-term investment. 

If you don’t need quite so much space and are a fan of a certain green dinosaur, Sandisk has also released a snazzy 64GB Yoshi-themed MicroSD card for £12.99.

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