Netflix's most interesting new show in years is finally back in production

Season 2 of my favourite comic book adaptation has started filming at last

The Sandman (Netflix)
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We waited decades for a TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's comic book series The Sandman and were not disappointed when Netflix aired Season 1 at the tail end of last year. We were also thrilled to hear it had been recommissioned too.

However, we were less enthused by the fact that Season 2 was to be delayed, as one of many victims of the Hollywood writers and actors strikes. Indeed, there were even rumblings that it might not return at all. After all, the streaming service seems to have a history in overturning commissioning decisions.

Thankfully though, our fears have been unfounded. Not only is The Sandman Season 2 still on the cards, it is back in production. 

Netflix itself has posted a production image and official statement on its progress.

The comic's creator and executive producer, Gaiman, has also confirmed the show is back: "This week we officially restart production on the next sequence of stories of The Sandman for Netflix," he said.

"Genius showrunner Allan Heinberg and the countless people in front of and behind the camera are building something endlessly special, and bringing these stories to life in a way that would once have been unimaginable."

The Sandman Season 2 production image

(Image credit: Ed Miller / Netflix)

If it is anything like the first 11 episodes, this new season will adapt several of the storylines from the DC Comics run – but each with an interweaving thread.

Tom Sturridge returns as the lord of dreams, Morpheus, although we're not yet sure who else will be back for Season 2. We suspect Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) will reprise her role as Lucifer Morningstar, not least because of where the last season left off.

It's also not yet known when Season 2 could arrive on Netflix. However, its return couldn't be better timed as The Sandman book is currently celebrating its 35th anniversary.

"We never know where our dreams will take us. 35 years ago today, the first issue of The Sandman was released and set many people and characters on paths that seemed, even at the time, so unlikely as to be impossible," wrote Gaiman in an open letter to fans.

"Back then most comics featured superheroes. Sandman wasn’t that. It wasn’t like anything else, but magically (the magic consisting of hard work, youthful overconfidence, and some key people who believed in the vision) we were given the opportunity to tell the story I had in my head and bring Morpheus and the rest of the Endless to life."

Now it seems his dreams will continue on the small screen, and through Netflix specifically.

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