Netflix show with Back to the Future and The Boys star cancelled after one season

On The Verge has been pushed over the edge

Elisabeth Shue, Julie Delphy, Sarah Jones and Alexia Landeau in On The Verge
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Netflix has cancelled another Netflix Original series less than eight months after season one of the new show debuted on the streaming platform. 

On The Verge is a comedy-drama series set in Los Angeles pre-pandemic, which follows the daily lives of four women – a single mother, a chef, an heiress and a job seeker – in their late 40s amid a midlife crisis. Elisabeth Shue stars as one of the leads, best known for Back to the Future and The Boys, alongside Julie Delphy, Sarah Jones and Alexia Landeau. 

Delpy, who is also the creator behind On The Verge, responded to a fan's question (via Instagram) about whether season two is happening, saying that Netflix "cancelled" the show but "forgot to announce it was cancelled". On The Verge was also made and distributed by the French film production firm StudioCanal. 

Netflix has historically opted out of renewing shows because of its internal algorithm that suggests its budget versus expected audience would not be worth investing in. Still, it's an unusual way for fans to find out about the On The Verge's fate. It's also a rather ruthless decision from the streaming platform to not even make a public announcement, if not one subscribers have come to expect in recent times. 

Most notably, Netflix's sci-fi horror series Archive 81 only received one season before finding its time cut short – two months after it hit number one in the US. Similarly, Katee Sackhoff's sci-fi series, Another Life, and The Baby-Sitters Club, were both cancelled over the last couple of months as well. Furthermore, Netflix confirmed that it would be ending the beloved supernatural series Locke & Key following three successful series only last week. 

On the Verge debuted on September 7th, 2021 with all 12 episodes running from 25 to 35 minutes. It averaged a 60% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a very respectable 85% from audiences (at the time of writing). 

On The Verge stars Julie Delpy, Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, Alexia Landeua, Mathieu Demy, Troy Garity, Timm Sharp and Giovanni Ribisi. All 12 episodes of season one are now available to watch on Netflix. 

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