MyHeritage DNA testing kit price slashed by 40% at Amazon for TODAY ONLY

One of the best DNA testing kits on the market, now available at nearly half price thanks to this huge Amazon discount

Amazon MyHeritage DNA testing kit
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DNA testing kits are the perfect tool to explore your and your family's ancestry, allowing you to see exactly what your ethnic origins, the paths your ancestors took to your current home, are and also find new relatives.

And, among the very finest DNA testing kits on the market is the MyHeritage DNA test kit, which has just been discounted by a huge 40% for one day only at Amazon. That discount sees it price plummet by £30 and, as it is Amazon, delivery is free, too.

The MyHeritage DNA testing kit here lets you discover your ancestry, get a detailed ethnicity breakdown and then find relatives from a huge global database. The kit is very easy to use, too, with a simple cheek swab all that is needed to get the results.

We rate MyHeritage here at T3, which is why this cheap DNA testing kit deal is so easy to recommend. This deal ends at midnight tonight, though, so we recommend anyone interested to pick one up now before it is too late.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

MyHeritage DNA Testing Kit| Was: £75 | Now £45 | Save £30 | Available now at Amazon

MyHeritage DNA Testing Kit | Was: £75 | Now £45 | Save £30 | Available now at Amazon
A straight 40% saving on one of the absolute best DNA testing kits on the market. MyHeritage has serious pedigree in this field and this kit delivers detailed information about ethnicity breakdown and history. The test itself takes two minutes to complete and then results are delivered in 3-4 weeks. A fantastic and now, thanks to this 40% Amazon price cut, super cheap way to dig into your ancestry.

For a complete overview of the top DNA testing kits on the market, be sure to check out T3's best DNA testing kit buying guide, which concisely describes the strengths and weaknesses.

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