My weird Amazon Prime Day purchase: Renpho Vibrating Eye Massager

After looking at Amazon Prime Day deals all day, I think my eyes will need some pampering

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There is this sort of tradition at T3 that I always buy something... peculiar during big sales events such as Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. Last Amazon Prime Day, I purchased a Blob Seal Pillow, and for Black Friday, I surprised myself with a pair of Monster Inc-themed Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. For this Amazon Prime Day, I have my eyes on something different: the Renpho Eye Mask with 16 Massage Heads.

[And yes, the pun was very much intended. Sorry, not sorry.]

Is the Renpho Eye Mask safe to use, and will it help ease eye strain, soothe dry eyes, reduce dark circles or remove eye gags? To be honest, I don't care; I just want to feel the tiny massage heads kneading away on my face while I doom scroll Instagram for two hours straight, thanks to the 'Vision Window' feature of the mask.

Renpho Eye Mask: was £39.99, now £31.49 at Amazon

Renpho Eye Mask: was £39.99, now £31.49 at Amazon
The Renpho Eye Mask has it all: it plays music and allows you to see when the 16 massage heads knead away the pain from over and under your eyes. It's supposed to help remove bags from under the eyes, although I doubt the mask will replace the need for a good night's sleep. Still, I need it and I need it now! 

Should you buy the Renpho Vibrating Eye Massager this Amazon Prime Day?

The Renpho Eye Mask is certainly not an essential purchase, but what is? You need water, some food and shelter – those are essential. The rest is luxury, and luxury pampering is exactly what your eyes will experience should you decide to use this massaging eye mask.

At least, I hope so.

Renpho's eye massager is said to simulate manual massage and kneads the acupoints without squeezing your eyeballs, which is better to relieve eye fatigue than you rubbing your eyes away when they get tired.

It features a vision window so you can still see things, even when the mask is on; perfect for watching Netflix after a long day of work. Basically, you can use the eyes while they are being relaxed at the same time. Perfect.

Renpho's eye care machine has four selectable preset massage modes; the massage intensity level gradually increases at each step.

Renpho has other deals going on at the moment, most of them are massage and recovery-related. For example, the RENPHO R3 Handheld Percussion Muscle Massager is now only £73.49 (down from £104.99) and the RENPHO Foot Massager with Remote Control is only £90.99 (was £159.99).

The RENPHO AI Smart Exercise Bike is also on offer now: it's 599.99, down from £699.99. This handy home gym equipment uses machine learning to algorithmically calibrate workouts based on your FTP training zones. Riders can train with real-time power, cadence, time, calorie, and heart rate. Nice!

You can get Renpho's Body Fat Scale for less, too: it's £20.99 at the moment, down from £31.57. Check out Renpho's Amazon store for more deals.

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