My Netflix plans – 3 reasons I've subscribed to streaming service again

After an exodus of streamers in 2022, Netflix's plans look positive – here's why I'm back on board with a subscription

Netflix streaming Knives Out 2, Wednesday, Bullet Train
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During 2022 there were many ups and downs to say the least, especially for streaming services – both in terms of subscriber numbers and, frankly, content successes and failures. We've had Paramount Plus come to the UK, Disney Plus increase its pricing, and Netflix add an ad-supported subscription option.  

In the midst of 2022's cost of living crisis, it was Netflix in particular that saw a mass exodus of once loyal subscribers. I, too, was one of those who walked away from the streaming service because I couldn't see its value anymore. 

But now I'm back. I've just re-subscribed to Netflix – and I think you should too – because, finally, there are a stack of reasons to have a Netflix subscription plan. I might not stay for long, mind, but even just for the one month of UHD streaming, I think it's worth it for these immediate reasons (and not just the best worst Christmas movies either): 

1. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Daniel Craig in Knives Out Glass Onion

(Image credit: Netflix)

On its streaming release date, 23 December 2022, I spent part of the morning writing about Daniel Craig's return to his role as detective Blanc in the Knives Out sequel. 

And it made me realise: I never went to the cinema to watch Knives Out 2, I eventually came around to enjoy the first film, and, heck, I actually need to watch the Glass Onion sequel pretty much immediately. A Christmas Eve Eve treat, if you will.

So that was that: Craig's southern drawl accent, which had originally put me off in the first movie, is the ultimate reason that I'm paying to subscribe to Netflix once more. He's kind of addictive and I think you'll agree that Glass Onion has serious draw for Netflix.

2. Wednesday

Wednesday on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

Everyone I know won't stop telling me about Wednesday. "You have to see it". "It's actually really good". "You haven't seen Wednesday?". 

I'm not necessarily even a massive Addams Family fan in general, but the high praise that this show has received from friends and colleagues alike means it has to have something about it – why else would everyone be banging on about it otherwise?

As T3's Editor-in-Chief put it in his Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime shows to watch before 2023 piece: "In just three weeks the series has already taken on cult status, giving way to cosplay, dances and lots of TikTok videos." I'm sold. 

3. Bullet Train

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train movie

(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

I also spotted this movie gem appear on the to-watch list: Brad Pitt's Bullet Train is a riotous, often hilarious unconventional chase movie (well, sorta). 

It's set on a Shinkansen, i.e. Japanese 'bullet train', and although I've already seen it while flying to foreign lands on holiday in late 2022, it tickled me so much that I want to watch it again. 

That's the thing with Netflix: it often adds big-budget A-list movies from major picture houses, such as Sony Pictures (as in this instance), and having a subscription means you can watch on-demand as you please. I find that easier to navigate than Sky or BT, too, adding yet more value to Netflix's proposition.

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