Move over Ring – EZVIZ’s new security camera uses AI detection to recognise license plates

EZVIZ launches the EL3, its new AI-powered security camera and wall light

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EZVIZ has launched its new EL3 smart security camera and wall light. With AI-powered detection, the camera can detect people, pets, vehicles and license plates. Its siren and spotlight system is also insanely loud and bright to scare off intruders.

The EZVIZ EL3 is available to buy now at Amazon for £129.99.

Another month, another smart home release from EZVIZ, and this time, it’s in the form of the EZVIZ EL3. The brand’s first combined advanced security camera and smart adjustable wall light, the EZVIZ EL3 is packed with AI-powered features that gives it better detection than ever before.

As it’s become the norm to have one of the best security cameras both inside and outside your home, many new releases need to up their game to compete with the current offerings on the market. After hearing about what the EZVIZ EL3 can do, I think EZVIZ could give some of its competitors like Ring and Eufy a serious run for their money.

To give it its full name, the EZVIZ EL3 2K Smart Security Wall-Light Camera can be used to monitor and protect your home, while also offering ambient lighting to your property. Ideal for your front and back doors, garden or garage, the Wi-Fi connected EZVIZ EL3 has a 2K resolution and an adjustable camera view to fully detect and keep track of what’s happening around your home.

For a clearer field of view, the EZVIZ EL3 has far-reaching colour night vision to restore details even in low-light conditions. The wall light that accompanies the camera has 780 lumen to fully illuminate your outdoor space when it gets dark. It can also be adjusted by brightness and colour temperature to create a pleasant atmosphere, ideal if you decide to set up the EZVIZ EL3 in your back garden for parties and BBQs.

EZVIZ EL3 on a white background

(Image credit: EZVIZ)

The light isn’t just for decoration though. When it detects signs of unauthorised entry, the EZVIZ EL3 sets off its flashing spotlights and a loud 92 decibel siren simultaneously to scare off intruders. The EZVIZ EL3 also has a microphone, speaker and two-way audio so you can speak to visitors or shout at burglars alongside the loud and bright alarm system!

Speaking of detection, the EZVIZ EL3 has AI-powered detection capabilities which allows it to identify and track more objects. For example, it can detect movement of people, pets and cars within your detection zones, and can recognise license plate numbers, so if someone parks in your drive or blocks the entrance to your property, it’ll send you automatic alerts.

Considering its many features and functionalities, the EZVIZ EL3 is pretty affordable compared to its competitors. It’s keenly priced at £129.99 and available to buy at EZVIZ and Amazon.

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