Marvel's Avengers is at its lowest price ever in this epic Black Friday PS5 game deal

Just in time for the Spider-Man DLC

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A super deal for Marvel's Avengers has just sprung up, dropping the action role-playing brawler down to the lowest price we've seen yet. I've spent upwards of 70 hours with the game and feel this is a great entry fee – just before Spider-Man is introduced next week. 

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While the game suffered at launch, Crystal Dynamics has rolled out various updates solving numerous bugs and issues. It has also introduced new characters, such as Black Panther, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, as well as the new post-launch operation, War for Wakanda. 

With more set to arrive in future, the PlayStation 5 version further added higher-resolution textures, haptic feedback, graphical enhancements and most notably, a big improvement to load times. It was a big thing for me when jumping in and out of menus, so this helped massively. 

Marvel's Avengers: was £24.99, now £14.85 (save £10.14)

Marvel's Avengers: was £24.99, now £14.85 (save £10.14)
After a rocky start at launch, Crystal Dynamics has introduced more characters, areas to explore and story missions making now the best time to jump into Marvel's Avengers.

If this deal has already sold out, Argos has another offer on the game that is only slightly higher in price. Also, make sure to check out T3's best PS5 gaming deals for Black Friday.

Why you should buy Marvel's Avengers on PS5 

After spending dozens upon dozens of hours with Marvel's Avengers, I feel this price is not only cheap but extremely fair. While primarily a multiplayer experience, the 12-hour main campaign was a treat and never outstayed its welcome. It also helped me fall in love with the character of Kamala Khan, ahead of her MCU debut in 2022.

I also found the Destiny-style gameplay rewarding but totally understand the perspective of people that found it repetitive. It just clicked for me and levelling up my Iron Man to max was hugely satisfying. Delivery is same-day, so you can get started straight away just in time for the arrival of Spider-Man on November 30th (who is PlayStation exclusive). 

It's likely not to drop any further in price for a while either, so would be perfect to play over the holidays or assemble with friends to become Earth's mightiest heroes. 

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