Marloe launches true GMT watches with a brand new movement & colourways

Marloe’s GMT Day & GMT Night watches mark a first for British watchmaking

Marloe GMT watches
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Today, Marloe Watch Company is launching two new limited edition GMT watches, the GMT Day and GMT Night. One of the best watch trends in 2023 is watches with GMT functions and Marloe is keeping up with this trend with its new GMT collection.

For those unfamiliar with GMT watches, their most recognisable feature is an additional hand that points to a 24-hour time scale on the bezel. This allows the wearer to tell the time in two or three time zones simultaneously, as the watch’s main hands display where you are (local time) and the 24-hour GMT hand shows where you’ve come from (home time).

The launch of the GMT Day and GMT Night from Marloe marks a first for British watchmaking. Marloe has developed its own true GMT watch using a brand new movement. The Miyota 9075 automatic mechanical movement is a development of the Miyota 9039 and is known for its exceptional reliability and robustness. Marloe is one of the first companies in the world to use this new calibre in its two limited edition GMT watches.

Both timepieces have a 42mm dual-texture case, a multi-layer dial with applied indices, printed markings and date window at 3 o’clock. The hour and minute hands are luminous filled to provide clarity in darker lights and the watches are 50 metre water resistant. The Miyota 9075 movement provides the True GMT complication, a hand-winding override capability and a 40-hour power reserve.

Marloe GMT Day

(Image credit: Marloe)

The GMT Day and GMT Night are easy to tell apart, thanks to their different coloured watch faces. For both, there are plenty of strap options to choose from, including different material types, plus black, blue, orange, brown and other colourways.

The Marloe GMT Day has a light blue dial, inspired by the sky, that contrasts beautifully with the bold black markings and lume accents. The watch plays with texture as the centre of the dial is rugged and the outer edge is smooth and chalky.

The GMT 24-hour scale is printed on the internal bezel while the main scale is on the outer perimeter of the dial. With three hands telling the time on the watch, the main hour and seconds hand of the GMT Day have a mirror polish while the GMT hand has a red tip to easily distinguish between them.

Marloe GMT Night

(Image credit: Marloe)

In comparison, the Marloe GMT Night is darker than the GMT Day with its twilight blue dial, inspired by the ocean’s surface in the moonlight. The bezel and main minute marks are in a bright white colour and the GMT hand and seconds hand are in bright orange.

When looking at the GMT Day and GMT Night, you can see that both are intricately detailed and expertly manufactured by Marloe Watch Company. Available on the Marloe website, both watches are priced at £699 and as they’re limited edition, there are only 500 up for grabs of each.

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