How to watch Love Island 2022 final for free – and what time does it air?

Which couple will take home the prize money? And how can you live stream it for no money?

Love Island 2022 cast
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The Love Island finale is upon us and here's our guide to how to live stream it for free from anywhere – including the USA and other parts of the world where you'd otherwise have to wait weeks to find out how the king and queen of Love Island are. Which couple will be crowned champions and walk away with the £50,000 prize money? Even then, will they decide to split or steal the cash? Oh, the drama of it all!

Since the hugely popular dating show began, unbelievably, not one couple has decided to pull a Golden Balls and steal the money for themselves – could tonight be the first? The 2021 series was won by Millie Court and Liam Reardon who shared the prize, though sadly split up shortly afterwards. Let's hope love will last longer for tonight's winning pair.

Set to premiere on ITV2 in the UK on August 1st, 2022, fans around can tune in to watch the Love Island 2022 finale for free at 21:00 BST. If you are located in the US, Australia or otherwise, there are still a few solutions to make sure you don't miss anything – most notably by using a VPN to bypass any geo-restrictions.

The four finalists are made up of Davide and Ekin-Sua, Luca and Gemma, Andrew and Tasha, and last but not least, Dami and Indiyah. Everyone has their favourites, of course, so thankfully we don't have that much longer to find out once

What time is the Love Island 2022 final?

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The Love Island 2022 final will premiere at 21:00 BST / 16:00 EST on August 1st, 2022. The dating show normally runs for approximately 65-minutes but the final will give viewers an extra 30 minutes, meaning it will end at 22:35 BST / 17:35 EST. What a treat.

How to watch Love Island 2022 for free in the UK


To watch the Love Island 2022 from the UK, simply head on over to the ITV hub or tune into the channel via terrestrial television at 21:00 BST to watch it live for free.

All you need to do is make an account (if you haven't got one already) as well as own a valid UK TV license, and then you can stream ITV at no cost.

How to watch Love Island 2022 final from outside the UK and US

If you find yourself outside of a certain broadcaster's geographical boundaries, you are still able to tune in and watch through the use of the best VPN. This will allow you to watch Love Island as if you were sat at home on the sofa.


ExpressVPN is T3's top pick for VPN providers with its excellent speed, plethora of security features and ability to unlock geo-restricted content.

On top of this, it offers new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to give for nothing. Better still, right now you can save 49% and receive an additional three months with your plan for free.

How to watch Love Island 2022 final in the US?


Those in the US can watch the Love Island 2022 final via the streaming platform Hulu, however, it won't be available until a couple weeks after it airs. An estimation for when it will appear is August 17th, 2022. 

How to watch Love Island 2022 online and stream season 8 elsewhere around the world

So the UK has ITV, and American fans will soon be able to watch the show via Hulu... but what about the rest of the world?

For Australian fans, you get to watch the show completely free. 9Now is only a couple of days behind the UK in terms of the 2022 Love Island season. All you have to do is sign up, enter your Aussie address and create an account to get streaming.

For anyone in New Zealand, you can watch season 8 of the UK iteration of Love Island on Neon, which is in line with the UK broadcasting schedule.

You can choose between a monthly or annual plan with Neon, starting from NZ$15.99 a month or save 16% and pay NZ$159.99 annually.

If you're in Canada excited to check out all of the British action, there's some bad news. There is currently no streaming platform in Canada airing Love Island.

If you're outside of the country and want to access your chosen streaming service, though, remember you can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and stream as if you were at home.

Love Island 2022: who's in the final?

  • Andrew Le Page: 27-year-old real estate agent from Guernsey
  • Dami Hope: 26-year old Senior Microbiologist from Dublin
  • Davide Sanclimenti: 27-year-old business owner from Manchester
  • Luca Bish: 23-year-old fishmonger from Brighton
  • Gemma Owen: 19-year-old international dressage rider from Chester
  • Indiyah Polack: 23-year-old hotel waitress from London
  • Tasha Ghouri: 23-year-old model from Thirsk
  • Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu: 27-year-old actor from Essex

How to use a VPN to unblock any restrictions

If you find yourself outside of a certain broadcaster's geographical boundaries, you are still able to tune in and watch through the use of a VPN. This will allow you to watch Love Island as if you were sat at home on the sofa.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that:

  • VPN - standing for virtual private network - offers security and anonymity as you browse online, using set protocols to encrypt your data and make it unreadable to outsiders.
  • As a part of that, you can also switch your IP address, which identifies your location.
  • Most VPNs offer a list of locations where its servers are based to join. Connecting to them switches your IP to appear as if you're browsing from that country/city. In turn, you can then access content locked to that country.
  • When it comes to finding a VPN, you should make sure you find the best one that's suitable for your chosen device, with VPN providers offering compatibility for a ton of devices, including VPN for Mac, and even a range of fairly nifty free VPNs.
  • Once you've made the decision for the most suitable VPN for your device and your means for using a VPN, sign-up and install it
  • To watch this 2022 season of Love Island, all you need to do is select a country showing matches from its list of available servers and connect. You'll then be able to hop over geo-restrictions and tune into ITV as well as a host of other streaming platforms that would normally be geo-blocked.
  • We also want to ensure your money is well spent, so we would recommend going for a VPN that offers a risk free trial. ExpressVPN is one of many providers that has a 30-day money back guarantee.

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