Lockdown exercise: Trion makes home workouts easy with its AI PT who knows over a BILLION workouts

Trion app makes custom workouts based on your skill level and either available gym equipment or bodyweight

Trion fitness app lockdown exercising
(Image credit: Trion)

Can the Trion app make big gains in an overly saturated fitness app market? Thanks to its AI-based approach and huge library of exercises, it might. Especially if you don't know where to start your fitness journey, the tailored workouts found in Trion can help you hit the ground running.

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Thanks to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, most fitness enthusiasts were forced to work out in their homes as opposed to attending fitness classes in gyms. Companies and savvy business people saw an opportunity in this and all of a sudden, fitness apps were everywhere, flooding all app stores. By now, there are more free fitness apps available than there are stars in the sky.

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Alas, many of these apps are less than useful – you won’t get a six pack in 30 days, no matter what that apps' thumbnails say. There are fitness apps that are worth your time and attention, however. Some well-known apps are actually pretty good, such as Chris Hemsworth’s Centr, but there are other fitness apps that also work just as well, and Trion looks like one of them. 

Trion fitness app lockdown exercising

(Image credit: Trion)

Trion is a newly released fitness app doesn’t just dump premade workouts on you, expecting you to be able to do all the exercises for the amount of repetitions the workout requires you to do. No, Trion first assesses your fitness level by asking you to perform certain exercises, then it generates workouts based on this.

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You’ve heard that right: Trion creates workout plans based on your capabilities and the type of equipment you have at your disposal. At the moment, you can choose from ‘bodyweight’, ‘power band’ (a.k.a. resistance band) and ‘gym’ options, the latter best suited for gym environments which are admittedly not available all that much at the moment.

Trion fitness app lockdown exercising

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But that’s not all. Each Trion workout can be changed, so even if your plan is based on bodyweight workouts, you can still switch to power bands for a day. Better still, workouts can be swapped in and out and new workouts added at any point to your plan. These extra workouts can be added in the ‘schedule’ section.

One might wonder: ‘what if I only have the best dumbbells at home?’ Fear not as the Trion app has you covered! Under the same section (schedule), if you pick the ‘strength’ option, there is a dumbbell only filter and you can create even full body workouts using dumbbells only. 

We can say with some confidence that Trion is open to feedback on its app, as we actually asked them to include the dumbbells feature. And they did! Now that's service.

Trion promises even more customisability options coming to the app in the near future.

Trion fitness app lockdown exercising

(Image credit: Trion)

As well as generating workouts, the Trion app also shows you how to perform the exercises with videos. These videos are displayed during workouts too so you can double check your form as you workout. And for each workout, you can see what muscles groups will be worked too, whether it’s the core, the legs or the arms.

Once you’re done with the workout, your stats under profile will be updated. There are virtual milestones to be hit too, so if you need some extra motivation, you can always try to work towards your next virtual trophy. Plus, if you ever feel bored, you can just peruse the exercise library, currently containing over 800 different exercises, supersets etc.

If you want to ensure that you won’t get out of shape during lockdown, give the Trion app a go. It will help bring some variety to your workouts and do it in a way that is tailored to your capabilities. 

• Sign up for Trion now, first month is FREE

Trion fitness app lockdown exercising

(Image credit: Trion)

Trion App: release date, price and compatibility

The Trion App is available to download now via the Apple App Store and/or Google Play. You can have the first month for free by signing up through this link.

Pricing is as follows:


1 month: £8.49

3 month: £20.49 (£6.83/month)

12 month: £63.99 (£5.33/month)


1 month: $9.49

3 month: $21.99 ($7.33/month)

12 month: $69.99 ($5.83/month)


1 month: AU$13.49

3 month: AU$32.99 (AU$11/month)

12 month: AU$104.99 (AU$8.74/month)

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